Apple iPad 4

Troubleshoot problems with basic functions and settings

I can't turn on my tablet

Possible cause 7 of 9:

Your tablet hasn't been assembled correctly
If your tablet hasn't been assembled correctly, you can't turn on your tablet.

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Apple iPad 4
The touch screen on my tablet isn't responding
My tablet is slow
My tablet's battery life is short

Troubleshoot problems with SMS, MMS and email

I can't send and receive email

Troubleshoot problems with multimedia, apps and internet

I can't use GPS navigation
I can't access the internet
I can't take pictures using the camera
I can't play music
I can't install an app
I can't use one of my apps

Troubleshoot problems with connectivity

I can't use my tablet as a Wi-Fi Hotspot
I can't use tethering on my tablet
I can't connect to another Bluetooth device
Another Bluetooth device can't establish a connection to my tablet
I can't use Wi-Fi