Apple iPad Air (iOS8)

Using my tablet

List of display icons
Turning the screen lock on my tablet on or off
Guide to keys and sockets on my tablet
Writing text on my tablet
Restarting my tablet
Ending active applications on my tablet

Getting started

Charging the battery for my tablet
Turning my tablet on and off
Inserting a SIM into my tablet
Activating an Apple ID on my tablet
Activating my tablet

Sound settings

Setting the volume on my tablet
Turning silent mode on my tablet on or off
Choosing a message tone for my tablet

Display settings

Choosing a language for my tablet
Personalising the display for my tablet
Setting date and time for my tablet
Setting the display brightness for my tablet
Using notifications on my tablet (Notification Center)

Security codes

Turning use of lock code on my tablet on or off
Changing my tablet PIN
Turning my tablet PIN on or off
Changing the lock code for my tablet

Software update

Checking the software version for my tablet
Restoring factory default settings on my tablet
Backing up the tablet memory
Updating the software on my tablet


Turning flight mode on my tablet on or off
Choosing a network for my tablet
Choosing network mode for my tablet

Making calls

Making a video call on my tablet (FaceTime)
Suppressing calls and notifications (Do Not Disturb)


Copying contacts from social network sites and email accounts
Creating a contact for my tablet
Merging identical contacts on my tablet


Writing and sending email
Setting up my tablet for email
Setting up my tablet for Exchange email
Reading email
Deleting an email configuration on my tablet
Choosing a default email account for my tablet


Setting up my tablet for iMessages
Writing and sending iMessage
Reading iMessage


Setting an alarm on my tablet
Creating a note on my tablet
Creating a calendar appointment on my tablet
Creating a reminder on my tablet


Setting up my tablet for internet
Using my internet browser
Clearing browser data on my tablet


Installing and using apps from App Store
Uninstalling apps on my tablet
Turning automatic update of apps on my tablet on or off

Camera, pictures and video clips

Sending pictures and video clips from my tablet
Viewing pictures and video clips on my tablet
Using the camera on my tablet
Using the video recorder on my tablet
Uploading pictures or video clips to social network sites
Sharing pictures or video clips using iCloud Photo Sharing
Sharing pictures or video clips using AirDrop


Using the music player on my tablet

GPS, maps and navigation

Turning GPS on my tablet on or off

Using map functions in Maps

Want to use the map functions in Maps? It's easy, but remember you need to set up your tablet for internet and turn on GPS before you can use this function.

Find "Maps"
  • Tap Maps.

Use map functions in Maps
  • The following steps describe how you:
  • Find a destination
  • Use zoom
  • Turn 3D mode on or off
  • Save a destination as a favourite
  • Plan a route to a destination
  • Clear the map

Find destination
  • Tap Search or enter an address.
  • Key in the required destination and tap Search.
  • the selected destination is displayed as a point on the map.

Use zoom
  • Drag two fingers together or apart to zoom in or out.

Turn 3D mode on or off
  • Tap the information icon.
  • Tap Show 3D Map or Show 2D Map (depending on the current setting) to turn 3D mode on or off.

Save location as a favourite
  • Tap the field above the destination.
  • Tap the menu icon.
  • Tap Add to Favorites.
  • Edit the name of the location and tap Save.

Plan route to destination
  • Tap Directions to Here.
  • Tap Route.
  • Tap Drive or Walk.

Clear map
  • Tap Clear.

Return to the home screen
  • Tap the Home key to return to the home screen.

*Please refer to the Apple website for more information or further support.*

Using GPS navigation in Maps

Voice control (Siri)

Selecting settings for voice control (Siri) on my tablet
Using voice control (Siri) on my tablet

Data usage

Turning data roaming on my tablet on or off
Turning mobile data on my tablet on or off
Checking data usage on my tablet

Connecting tablet and computer

Transferring files between a computer and my tablet
Using tethering on my tablet


Connecting my tablet to a Wi-Fi network
Turning Wi-Fi on my tablet on or off
Setting up and using my tablet as personal Hotspot


Pairing a Bluetooth device with my tablet
Turning Bluetooth on my tablet on or off

Synchronisation (iCloud)

Using synchronisation on my tablet (iCloud)


Using Facebook on my tablet
Installing Facebook on my tablet


Installing Twitter on my tablet
Using Twitter on my tablet


Installing Gmail on my tablet
Using Gmail on my tablet


Installing YouTube on my tablet
Using YouTube on my tablet

Google Maps

Installing Google Maps on my tablet
Using Google Maps on my tablet