Apple iPad Air (iOS8)

Troubleshoot problems with basic functions and settings

I can't turn on my tablet
My tablet doesn't play a message tone when I receive a message
The touch screen on my tablet isn't responding
My tablet is slow
My tablet's battery life is short

Troubleshoot problems with SMS, MMS and email

I can't send and receive email

Troubleshoot problems with multimedia, apps and internet

I can't use GPS navigation
I can't access the internet
I can't take pictures using the camera
I can't play music
I can't install an app
I can't use one of my apps

Troubleshoot problems with connectivity

I can't use my tablet as a Wi-Fi Hotspot
I can't use tethering on my tablet

I can't connect to another Bluetooth device

Possible cause 1 of 6:

The distance between the two devices is too long
There should be no more than 10 metres between the devices.

What you need to do
Place the two devices no more than 10 metres apart.

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Apple iPad Air (iOS8)
Another Bluetooth device can't establish a connection to my tablet
I can't use Wi-Fi