Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Getting started

I can't turn on my tablet
I can't start my tablet
I can't activate my tablet

Basic functions

My tablet doesn't respond
My tablet's memory is full
My tablet is slow
My tablet's battery life is short
No message tone is heard on incoming messages

Calls and voicemail


I can't send and receive email
I can't send and receive iMessages

Apps and media

I can't install apps
I can't use of one my apps
I can't take pictures using the camera
I can't play music

I can't use GPS navigation

Possible cause 1 of 2:

There's not adequate GPS signal
The first time your tablet is to find a GPS signal on a new location, it may take several minutes. Urban agglomeration or forests may interfere with the GPS signal.

What you need to do
Go to a place with a clear view of the sky and wait a few minutes while your tablet searches for a GPS signal.

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Apple iPad Pro 12.9


I can't use the internet connection on my tablet
I can't use Wi-Fi
I can't use my tablet as a personal Hotspot
I can't connect to another Bluetooth device
Another Bluetooth device can't establish a connection to my tablet
My tablet uses a large amount of mobile data