Apple iPhone 5s

First use

Insert SIM
Charge battery
Turn mobile phone on and off
Activate Apple ID on mobile phone
Activate mobile phone
Transfer content from an Android mobile phone
Restore content from an iCloud backup
Restore content from an iTunes backup

Sound settings

Choose ringtone
Choose message tone
Turn silent mode on or off
Turn vibration on or off
Change ring volume

Network and internet settings

Choose a network
Choose network mode
Turn flight mode on or off
Set up your mobile phone for internet

Making calls

Call a phone number
Answer call
Turn call waiting on or off
Use Do Not Disturb
Call a contact in your address book
Turn call announcement on or off


Set up your mobile phone for iMessaging
Write and send iMessage

Internet browser

Use internet browser
Clear browser data

Using my mobile phone

Guide to keys and sockets on mobile phone
List of screen icons
End running applications
Turn screen lock on or off
Restart mobile phone
Extend battery life

Screen settings

Choose language
Set date and time
Change screen brightness
Use notifications
Choose Night Shift settings
Select settings for Control Centre
Use Control Centre


Create a contact
Copy contacts from social network sites and email accounts
Merge identical contacts
Import contacts from your SIM to your mobile phone


Set up your mobile phone for SMS
Write and send SMS


Install apps from App Store
Uninstall apps
Turn automatic update of apps on or off
Turn Offload Unused Apps on or off
Select settings for background refresh of apps

Connecting mobile phone and computer

Transfer files between computer and mobile phone

Security codes

Turn use of PIN on or off
Change PIN
Turn use of phone lock code on or off


Divert calls to your voicemail
Call voicemail
Cancel all diverts
Save voicemail number


Set up your mobile phone for MMS
Write and send MMS

Camera, pictures and video clips

Use camera
Use video recorder
View pictures and video clips
Send picture or video clip in an MMS
Send picture or video clip in an email
Take screenshot


Turn Wi-Fi on or off
Connect to a Wi-Fi network
Use mobile phone as personal Hotspot
Turn Wi-Fi Assist on or off

Software update

Check software version
Back up phone memory to iCloud
Update software
Restore factory default settings
Back up phone memory using iTunes


Set up your mobile phone for POP3 email
Set up your mobile phone for Exchange email
Set default email account
Delete email account
Write and send email
Set up your mobile phone for IMAP email


Use music player


Turn Bluetooth on or off
Pair a Bluetooth device with mobile phone

GPS, maps and navigation

Turn GPS on or off


Synchronise contents of mobile phone using iCloud
Turn automatic synchronisation of content on or off

Voice commands

Select Siri settings
Use Siri

Data usage

Check data usage
Turn mobile data on or off
Turn data roaming on or off

Find My iPhone

Select settings for Find My iPhone
Use Find My iPhone


Install Facebook
Use Facebook


Install Twitter
Use Twitter


Install Gmail
Use Gmail

Google Maps

Install Google Maps
Use Google Maps


Install YouTube
Use YouTube