Apple iPhone 6

Getting started

I can't turn on my mobile phone

I can't start my mobile phone

Possible cause 3 of 6:

Your mobile phone is locked to another service provider
If your mobile phone is SIM locked, it needs to unlocked in order to use it with a SIM from another operator.

What you need to do
To get the unlock procedure, contact the service provider.

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Apple iPhone 6
I can't activate my mobile phone

Basic functions

My mobile phone doesn't respond
My mobile phone's memory is full
My mobile phone is slow
My mobile phone's battery life is short
No ringtone is heard on incoming calls
No message tone is heard on incoming messages

Calls and voicemail

I can't receive messages on my voicemail
I can't listen to my voice messages
I can't make video calls using FaceTime
I receive the same call on my mobile phone and on another device
I can't make voice calls
I can't receive voice calls


I can't send and receive SMS
I can't send and receive MMS
I can't send and receive email
I can't send and receive iMessages

Apps and media

I can't install apps
I can't use of one my apps
I can't take pictures using the camera
I can't play music
I can't use GPS navigation


I can't use my mobile phone's internet connection
I can't use Wi-Fi
I can't use tethering
I can't use my mobile phone as a personal Hotspot
I can't connect to another Bluetooth device
Another Bluetooth device can't connect to my mobile phone
I can't connect to another device using AirDrop
My mobile phone uses a large amount of mobile data