Huawei E303/Snow Leopard


Uninstalling my modem
Installing my modem

Starting the modem application

Want to start the modem application (Broadband on Mobile)? It's easy, but you need to install the modem first.

Connect modem to computer
  • Connect your modem to your computer's USB port.

Start application
  • If the modem application doesn't start automatically:
  • Do the following in Mac OS X:
  • Click the desktop.
  • Click Go.
  • Click Applications.
  • Double-click BroadBand on Mobile.
  • The modem application is started.
  • Key in your PIN (default is 1234) and click OK.

*Please refer to the Huawei website for more information or further support.*

Assembling my modem

Inserting a SIM into my modem
Inserting a memory card into my modem

General settings

Selecting settings for automatic start-up
Updating the modem application
View modem information


Choosing network mode for my modem
Choosing a network for my mode

Connection settings

Set up my modem for internet manually


Establishing a connection to the internet
Ending a connection to the internet
Checking data usage


Creating a contact for my modem

Send SMS

Writing and sending SMS


Turning use of PIN on or off
Changing my PIN