Huawei E303/Windows 7


Uninstalling my modem
Installing my modem
Starting the modem application

Assembling my modem

Inserting a SIM into my modem
Inserting a memory card into my modem

General settings

Updating the modem application
View modem information


Choosing network mode for my modem
Choosing a network for my mode

Connection settings

Selecting settings for automatic connection


Establishing a connection to the internet
Ending a connection to the internet
Checking data usage


Creating a contact for my modem

Send SMS

Writing and sending SMS

Want to write and send an SMS? Follow these easy instructions.

Find "Send/Receive Text Message"
  • Click Send/Receive Text Message.

Create new message
  • Click the new message icon.

Add recipient
  • Click Send To....
  • Click the box next to the required contact.
  • Click OK.

Write the SMS
  • Click the text input field and write the SMS.

Send the SMS
  • Click Send.


Turning use of PIN on or off
Changing my PIN