Huawei E303/Windows 7


The modem application can't find a network
A network is found but I can't establish a connection to the internet


I've established a connection to the internet but I can't browse the internet

Lower speeds than expected

Possible cause 3 of 3:

No 3G connection established
The modem application automatically establishes a 3G connection to the internet if 3G has been turned on in the modem application and if you have 3G network coverage.

What you need to do
Check if the modem application has established a 3G connection. If you don't have a 3G connection, make sure that the modem application is set to search for both 2G and 3G networks.
If you're still not able to establish a 3G connection to the internet, you don't have 3G coverage.

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Huawei E303/Windows 7
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