Huawei E5776 Mobile WiFi modem/Windows 7

First use

Inserting a SIM into my router
Start using my router

Charging the battery for my router

Charging the battery regularly will ensure your router is always ready for use. The battery can be charged even if it isn't completely flat. You can still use your router while the battery is charging.

Connect the charger to your router
  • Connect the charger to the socket at the bottom of the router and to a power point.

End charging
  • When the battery is fully charged, you can remove the charger from the power point and your router.

*Please refer to the Huawei website for more information or further support.*

Turning my router on and off


Choosing network mode for my router
Choosing a network for my router

Connection settings

Changing name and password for my Wi-Fi Hotspot
Setting up my router for internet manually
Selecting settings for automatic connection


Establishing a connection to the internet
Ending a connection to the internet

Send SMS

Writing and sending SMS


Turning use of PIN on or off
Changing my PIN