ZTE MF60/Windows 7

First use

Inserting SIM and battery into my router

Your SIM must be inserted before you can use your router.

Remove the back cover
  • Turn the back of your router towards you.
  • Take hold of the bottom of the back cover and remove it.

Insert your SIM
  • Turn your SIM so the angled corner of your SIM is aligned with the angled corner of the SIM holder.
  • Slide your SIM into the holder.

Insert battery
  • Place the battery in your router (bottom first), matching the battery contacts with the contacts in your router, and press the battery into place.

Replace the back cover
  • Place the back cover on your router and press it into place.

*Please refer to the ZTE website for more information or further support.*

Start using my router
Charging the battery for my router
Turning my router on and off


Choosing network mode for my router
Choosing a network for my router

Connection settings

Changing password for my Wi-Fi Hotspot
Setting up my router for internet manually
Selecting settings for automatic connection
Changing name for my Wi-Fi Hotspot


Establishing a connection to the internet
Ending a connection to the internet


Saving the message centre number

Send SMS

Writing and sending SMS


Turning use of PIN on or off
Changing my PIN