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Using the calendar on my mobile phone

Want to use the calendar on your mobile phone? Follow these easy instructions.

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Find "Calendar"

Tap Calendar.

Step 2 of 13

Use calendar

Follow the steps below to use the calendar.

Step 3 of 13

Select calendar view

Tap one of the following options at the bottom of the display:


Step 4 of 13

Select calendar view


Step 5 of 13

Select calendar view


Step 6 of 13

Add appointment

Go to the required date.

Tap + in the top right corner of the display.

Step 7 of 13

Add appointment

Tap Title.

Step 8 of 13

Add appointment

Key in a title and tap Done.

Step 9 of 13

Add appointment

Follow the instructions on the display to key in more information, such as location, duration and reminder.

Tap Done.

Step 10 of 13

View appointment

Tap List.

Step 11 of 13

View appointment

Tap the required appointment to view the appointment details.

Step 12 of 13

View appointment

Tap the field in the top left corner of the display to return to the list of appointments.

Step 13 of 13


Tap the Home key to return to standby mode.

Swipe right for the next step

Tap anywhere to dismiss

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