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Activating my mobile phone

If you've restored your mobile phone, you need to reactivate it. Once done, you can use your mobile phone again. Remember, you need to install iTunes on your computer before you can activate your mobile phone. You can download the program from

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Start iTunes

Start the program iTunes on your computer.

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Turn on your mobile phone

Tap and hold On/Off until your mobile phone is turned on.

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Turn on your mobile phone

If required, tap Unlock.

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Turn on your mobile phone

If required, key in your PIN and tap OK.

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Connect your mobile phone and computer

Connect the data cable to the socket at the bottom of your mobile phone and to your computer's USB port.

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Choose synchronisation settings

Follow the instructions on the screen to select the required synchronisation settings.

Select Done.

After a moment "iPhone sync is complete." is displayed and your mobile phone is ready for use.

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