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My mobile phone's battery life is short

If your mobile phone's battery life is shorter than expected, follow this guide.
We found 6 possible solutions to your problem. Click Start guide to see the solutions.

Want to set the display brightness for your mobile phone? Follow these easy instructions.

Step 1 of 4

Find "Display"

Slide your finger downwards starting from the top edge of the display.
Tap Settings.

Step 2 of 4

Find "Display"

Tap Display.

Step 3 of 4

Set the display brightness

Tap and drag the indicator below "Brightness" right or left to select the required setting.

Step 4 of 4

Return to the home screen

Slide your finger upwards starting from the bottom edge of the display to return to the home screen.

Swipe right for the next step

Tap anywhere to dismiss

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