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Setting up my mobile phone for internet

Want to set up your mobile phone for internet? Follow these easy instructions.

Step 1 of 8

Find "APN"

Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your mobile phone.

Tap Settings.

Step 2 of 8

Find "APN"

Tap Network Connections.

Step 3 of 8

Find "APN"

Tap Mobile Network.

Step 4 of 8

Find "APN"

Tap APN.

Step 5 of 8

Enter APN

Tap the field below Access Point Name (APN).

If you're on a pay monthly rate plan:

Key in e-ideas

If you're on a pay as you go rate plan:

Key in hicard

Step 6 of 8

Enter username

Tap the field below Username.

Key in 65ideas

Step 7 of 8

Enter password

Tap the field below Password.

Key in 65ideas

Step 8 of 8

Save and exit

Tap Save.

Slide your finger up the display starting from the bottom edge of your mobile phone to return to standby mode.

Swipe right for the next step

Tap anywhere to dismiss

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