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Choosing network mode for my mobile phone

You can select which network modes (3G and/or GSM) your mobile phone can use. Your choice determines the data speeds you can achieve.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap the menu icon.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap Settings.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap Mobile network.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap Network mode.

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Select network mode

3G enables you to achieve higher data speeds than when using GSM. If you select WCDMA only, your mobile phone can only connect to 3G networks. If you select GSM only, you can't achieve high data speeds. If you select GSM / WCDMA auto, your mobile phone automatically switches between the two network modes provided you're within range of a 3G network.

Tap WCDMA only, GSM only or GSM / WCDMA auto.

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Tap the Home key to return to standby mode.

Swipe right for the next step

Tap anywhere to dismiss

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