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Choosing a network for my mode

You can set your modem to find a network automatically or you can choose a network manually. Please note: if you select a network manually, the network connection will be lost if you're out of range of the selected network. If you have an active internet connection, you need to end it.

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Find "Operator Selection"

Click Tools.

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Find "Operator Selection"

Click Settings....

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Find "Operator Selection"

Click Network Selection.

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Find "Operator Selection"

Click Operator Selection.

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Choose option

Choose one of the following options:

Select network manually, go to 2a.

Select network automatically, go to 2b.

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2a - Select network manually

Highlight Manual search and register and click Refresh.

Your modem now searches for networks within range and after a few seconds, a list of networks is displayed.

Follow the instructions on the screen to select the required network.

The screen will tell you if you have access to the network you've chosen.

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2b - Select network automatically

Highlight Auto search and register and click OK.

Swipe right for the next step

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