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Choosing network mode for my mobile phone

You can select which network modes (3G and/or GSM) your mobile phone can use. Your choice depends on the data speed you can achieve.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap Apps.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap Settings.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap More settings.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap Mobile networks.

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Find "Network mode"

Tap Network mode.

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Select network mode

3G enables you to achieve higher data speeds than GSM. If you select GSM/WCDMA (Auto mode), your mobile phone automatically switches between the two network modes provided you're within range of a 3G network. If you select GSM only, you can't achieve high data speeds. If you select WCDMA only, your mobile phone can only connect to 3G networks.

Tap GSM/WCDMA (Auto mode), GSM only or WCDMA only.

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Tap the Home key to return to standby mode.

Swipe right for the next step

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